The Case For (Jubilee) Reparations with Dr. Michael Rhodes

The Taylors Talk White Supremacy Reparations & The Church with Dr. Michael Rhodes. Michael is an OT Lecturer at Carey Baptist College in Auckland NZ and author of books and articles including Practicing The King’s Economy: Honoring Jesus In How We Work, Earn, Spend, Save, and Give and The Case For (Jubilee) Reparations. Michael shares his case for (jubilee) reparations. Connect with Michael on Twitter @michaeljrhodes.

Resources referenced in our conversation include:

Black Manifesto by Forman (

Practicing The King’s Economy by Rhodes, Holt, & Fikkert (

Unsettling Truths by Charles & Rah (

-Leviticus 25-26

Potlucking With Jesus by Rhodes (

From Here To Equality by Darity & Mullen (

-Truth’s Table Reparations NOW with Darity (

The Case For Reparations by Coates (

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